The Advantages of Raised Access Flooring

In our world that is ever changing and becoming frequently more reliant on technology, the need for accessibility in order to run cabling, piping and utilities has never been more important. Such places as server rooms, IT classrooms and hospitals are just a few examples of areas that require large amounts of cabling to be run throughout the room and building. So where do we run these cables or utilities? The simple answer is raised access flooring!

What is a Raised Access Floor?

Raised access flooring, also known as raised floor systems or access flooring, involves an elevated floor surface that is supported by steel pedestals. The space between the floor and the structural subfloor creates an accessible void, providing plenty of room for housing electrical, data, and HVAC services. This design allows you to hide your services safely and cleanly below your raised floor.

Where Would You Use Raised Access Flooring?

1. Commercial Spaces:

Office Buildings: Raised access flooring is a go-to choice for new and refurbished offices. It enables easy reconfiguration of workstations, accommodates changes in cabling and power requirements, and enhances airflow and temperature control.

Data Centers: Given the sensitive and technologically advanced nature of data centres, access flooring panels offes a highly efficient solution. It supports the heavy electrical and data infrastructure while maintaining excellent air circulation to keep equipment cool and running efficiently.

Server Rooms: Similar to data centres, server rooms in various facilities benefit from raised access flooring, as it allows for a neat and organised layouts of servers and cables, simplifying maintenance and upgrades when needed.

2. Educational Institutions:

Universities and Schools: Educational facilities often have evolving technological needs, making raised floors an ideal choice. It facilitates easy installation of power outlets, data ports, and multimedia connections in classrooms and computer labs.

3. Science Labs:

Science labs require many services that must be always accessible in case of emergencies. A raised access floor will allow for quick access without having to demolish or rip up a whole floor.

4. Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities:

Hospitals and Clinics: In healthcare settings, raised access flooring simplifies the installation of complex medical equipment, electrical systems, and data networks. It also ensures a clean and hygienic environment, supporting the necessary maintenance and upgrades required in the medical field.

5. Retail Spaces:

Retail Stores and Shopping Centres: Retail spaces can be transformed using raised access flooring to conceal power and data cables, creating a sleek and uncluttered appearance. This enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space while maintaining functionality. Almost every shop on the high street takes card payments, and with this system in place, they will need space to run network and data cables discreetly, but allowing for access if any down time was to occur.

6. Industrial Spaces:

Manufacturing Facilities: Raised access flooring in manufacturing plants allows for organized wiring and facilitates the integration of machinery, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow.


When Would You Use Raised Access Flooring?

Raised access flooring is particularly used when:

Flexibility and Adaptability are essential: Raised floors offer the flexibility to reconfigure spaces easily, accommodating changes in layouts, equipment, or technology without major structural alterations.

Efficient Cable Management is needed: The system provides a designated space for concealing and managing electrical and data cables, reducing trip hazards and simplifying maintenance.

Improved Airflow and Ventilation are required: The void created by the raised floor allows for efficient airflow, enhancing temperature control and creating a more comfortable working environment.

Quick Access to Services is necessary: Raised access flooring enables quick access to services like electrical outlets, data connections, and HVAC systems for maintenance and repairs.

Enhanced Aesthetics and Acoustics are desired: The clean, uniform appearance of raised flooring contributes to a visually appealing environment. Additionally, it can aid in sound absorption, improving acoustic qualities within a space.

To conclude all of the above, our raised access flooring is a versatile solution that caters to a wide range of industries, applications and projects. Its ability to adapt, improve functionality, and enhance the overall efficiency of a room makes it a preferred choice for modern architectural and design endeavours.

To explore how raised access flooring can optimise your project, then get in touch with our team today.

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